Bead Blasting

The Quick & Efficient Way to Restore a Factory Finish Or Create a Unique Satin Finish on New Parts

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Glass Bead Blasting Metal

Perfect for the cost effective satin finishing of non-ferrous parts, glass bead blasting is a safe, versatile method that leaves a beautiful satin sheen on brass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel. The resulting surface is also a great key / prep for further finishing like paint, powder coat, ceramic and electro-plating. Glass bead blasting will conceal machine lines, remove discolouration and light coatings. The very fine glass beads will make contact with the entire surface including tight spots, internals and corners leaving a uniform finish across the part. Our glass bead cabinet can process items up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm / 25kg.

What Is Blast Finishing ?

Blast finishing is a process that uses high-pressure air to propel small particles of an abrasive material at a surface, which cleans, polishes, or otherwise modifies it. There is no other way to achieve this unique finish

What Is Bead Blasting?

Bead blasting is the most common form of blast finishing. It’s a process where small beads made of plastic or glass are propelled by high-pressure air at a metal surface, creating a smooth finish with no graining or directional patterns. Blasting is great as preparation for painting, coating or electro plating metal surfaces, as the satin finish allows paint or coating to adhere to the surface.


Benefits Of Bead Blasting

1. Efficient removal of surface contaminants: dirt, rust and old paint are blasted away leaving the part clean and ready for further processing
2. Improved bonding of coatings: bead blasting creates a roughened surface that allows coatings to adhere more effectively.
3. Environmentally friendly: bead blasting is a dry process that does not require the use of chemicals or solvents.
4. Cost Effective: Bead blasting is quick, efficient and uses minimal materials.
5. A uniform finish: Bead blasting will create a uniform finish on every part

Our team has the experience and skills to handle any job you need, no matter what material we’re working on. So contact us today!

Benefit from the high power performance of bead blast cleaning!

Bead blasting, also known as glass bead blasting or blast finishing, is a process that involves the surface treatment of the material. The type of media used for treatment is typically glass beads. Bead blasting can be used on a variety of materials and has several applications, including: Cleaning, Descaling, Deburring, Peening and Polishing.

Glass Bead Blasting Metal

SCP offer bead blasting services for a wide range of applications, predominantly the finishing of machined aluminium parts prior to anodising / plating.

Bead blasting is an effective method of quickly finishing items, removing machine lines, cleaning and deburring. It’s perfect for items that just need a uniform finish all over, we only use high quality very fine glass beads that leave a smooth semi-bright finish.

Our blast cabinet can accept items up to approx. 600 x 600mm and is suitable for all non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

Benefit From The High Power Performance Of Bead Blast Finishing. Suitable For Cleaning And Finishing All Metals

Bead Blasting Explained

Bead Blasting is a process that uses high-pressure air to propel small particles of an abrasive material through a nozzle aimed at the metal surface. It is highly effective at removing paint, rust, oils and carbon deposits while preserving the original dimensions of the part.

Our Bead Blasting Services

SCP currently operate 2 large bead blasting cabinets. One cabinet uses a course grade of aluminium oxide grit for the removal of surface coatings, rust & paint. The other cabinet uses a very fine glass bead for satin finishing of non ferrous metal parts. Each machine can process items up to 60x60x60 cm

Benefits of Bead Blasting

As well as metals, bead blasting can also be used on glass, wood, plastic, and rubber. The most common items are engine cases and rusted ironware. Bead Blasting is often used as a preparation method to "key" the surface prior to painting. As a finish glass bead blasting creates a satin smooth finish. SCP also offer a special finish - our own "Satin Sheen" which combines polishing and blasting to create a unique shiny/matt finish - samples available on request

The Process...

1) Contact

Send us a photo of the parts by email or whatsapp and we’ll provide an estimate and advice.

2) Delivery

Drop your parts into the workshop or we can arrange transport by our own

van or by DHL. Prices and lead times will then be confirmed.

3) Processing

Your parts will be finished quickly and efficiently by our team of expert

metal polishers then inspected, cleaned and protected for transport.

4) Payments & Delivery

Payment is due prior to collection, we accept debit /credit cards, cash or bacs. For items being shipped by DHL you may request a photo before making payment.

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